We are dedicated to making our research accessible to people so that it can be put to work solving the complex problems that face the housing stock. This principle applies to our written reports and drives us to search for ways to reach our audience succinctly and powerfully. To achieve this, we are developing Housing Informatics: new methods of organizing, communicating, and presenting data and information so they can better serve housing policy, housing development, and housing management. Play a game or see an exhibition or interact with a web feature and learn about our research.


Making Room Exhibition

Making Room showcases how architects, policymakers, developers, planners, and the public can use design as a tool to meet housing needs.

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Life of a Building

Play Life of a Building to explore the challenges of keeping an old rental building in good physical and financial health. See if you can make it to 15 years!

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Inside the Rent

Play "Inside the Rent" to explore why rents in New York City are so high and to raise awareness about the challenges of building new rental housing without government intervention.

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Making Neighborhoods

Explore our fabulous interactive map, using an innovative analysis of census data that allows us to track the movement of demographic “clusters” around NYC.

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