CHPC’s Annual Night at the Museum Party

November 9, 2017 - by CHPC -  Events

Tickets are now on sale for CHPC’s annual A Night at the Museum party!

Please join us as we take some time to gossip about the happenings of the past year and look into the crystal ball for what might happen in the next. Apart from gossip, we will have exclusive access to a range of exhibitions at the Museum of the City of New York, including:

  • NY at its Core
  • To Quench the Thirst of New Yorkers: The Croton Aquedeuct at 175
  • Beyond Suffrage: A Century of New York Women in Politics

We look forward to seeing you there! Take advantage of our discounted bulk tickets and please invite your family, friends, and colleagues to attend!

A special thanks to our generous sponsor, Citibank!

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