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Our Mission

CHPC’s mission, since 1937, is to develop and advance practical public policies to support the housing stock of the city by better understanding New York’s most pressing housing and neighborhood needs.

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Making Room

MAKING ROOM© is a new approach to housing policy that seeks to match the design of a city’s housing stock with the needs of its households.

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Hidden Housing: Basement Apartment Legalization

A look into the possibilities of a legalizing a potentially huge stock of housing that would be safe thanks to new technology and would be inherently affordable to those living there.

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Gems from the Archive: CHPC Surveys the Mayoral Candidates

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CHPC Welcomes a New Executive Director

CHPC to welcome new Executive Director in January 2018


Life of a Building


Sleeping Around: Short-term Rentals in NYC

Housing Informatics

We are dedicated to making our research accessible to people so that it can be put to work solving the complex problems that face the housing stock. This principle applies to our written reports and drives us to search for ways to reach our audience succinctly and powerfully. To achieve this, we are developing Housing Informatics: new methods of organizing, communicating, and presenting data and information so they can better serve housing policy, housing development, and housing management. Play a game or see an exhibition or interact with a web feature and learn about our research.

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2017 A Night at the Museum

Join us for drinks, eats, exhibits, and gossip at the Museum of the City of New York.

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